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Turkey Holiday Illness

Turkey Holiday Illness Claims & Hotel Food Poisoning Abroad

  • Did you contract an illness on holiday in Turkey?
  • Was there an outbreak of sickness at your hotel?
  • Ill or sick due to food poisoning on holiday in Turkey?
  • Want advice about making a Turkey Holiday Illness Claim?

Specialist Claims Advice for Victims of Turkey Holiday Illness and Hotel Sickness

With hundreds of satisfied clients every year our Holiday Illness in Turkey Claims Specialists are experts at claiming substantial awards for holidaymakers who contract food poisoning abroad caused by bacterial and parasitic infections including Shigella, E Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium.

The Package Travel Regulations make your tour operator responsible if the food served at your hotel was substandard and made you ill. Claims for Holiday Illness can be pursued here in the UK providing that action is taken inside 3 years.

Hotels in Turkey our Claims Specialists closely monitor for signs of sickness outbreaks include those featured by many of the leading UK tour operators.

Call our Turkey Holiday Illness Claims specialist lawyers today for free advice if you have been ill or sick on holiday whilst in Turkey and are looking to make a compensation claim.

Turkey Illnesses and Food Poisoning

Some of the different types of food poisoning illness our Holiday Claims Specialists regularly assist clients with who have returned from Turkey to claim compensation include:

These food poisoning infections each cause the victim to suffer from diarrhoea and stomach cramps. They are avoidable illnesses if hotels and tour operators exercise care.

Food poisoning complications can be serious. If you experience symptoms of a fever and your temperature rises above 37 degrees you must seek urgent medical attention as this can be dangerous especially in hot countries such as Turkey.

Diarrhoea and vomiting lead to dehydration which happens when a person loses a large amount of body fluid. Dehydration is dangerous particularly in young children and people with reduced immune systems. Dehydration is a side effect of food poisoning and can cause kidney and liver failure.

Symptoms of dehydration may appear in a number of ways. A person may find their urine is dark and they will feel tired and weak. Their mouth could also feel dry.

2011 Turkey Holiday Illness Compensation Awards

£2,000 Award for a week of Food Poisoning in Turkey

"Mrs Moore of Cleveland received £2000 after falling ill for a week whilst at an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey when food poisoning was suspect. Mrs Moore said about Simpson Millar’s Turkey Holiday Illness claims team; "I would like to thank you for all your help in resolving this case and I’m very happy with the outcome". When asked to sum up the service she received Mrs Moore described it as "very friendly and extremely efficient".

Turkey Holiday Claims News

Were you or your family caught up in an illness outbreak at a Turkish holiday resort?

Our Holiday Illness Claims Specialists would like to hear from anyone affected by illness at the Holiday Village Resort is Sarigerme during summer 2009 or any other time within the last 3 years.

Turkey Hotel Illness Alerts

Take a look at the list of hotels in Turkey we are currently investigating following complaints of guests succumbing to illness. See which hotels we are following after receiving complaints from holidaymakers returning ill and sick from holidays in Turkey.

Please drop us a line if you know about a hotel in Turkey where there is a sickness outbreak.

Want to know more about making a Turkey Holiday Illness Claim?

Turkey holiday illness compensation claims are taken on a no win no fee basis.

More about Simpson Millar & Turkey Holiday Illness Claims

At Simpson Millar our Holiday Illness Claims Specialists are not like others. Our team has lawyers with more than 30 years of experience actually working for tour operators including First Choice, TUI Holidays and Thomas Cook.

Our holiday lawyers know how to win claims. There knowledge of tour operating means that tour operators find it difficult to defend claims and escape their liability to pay compensation.

Our Holiday Claims Specialists work closely with colleagues around the world to ensure that every case has the best support and expertise. We also work alongside leading experts in the fields of gastroenterology and microbiology who provide advice that enables us to determine the strongest way possible of presenting a claim.

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