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Accident Abroad Specialists Simpson Millar LLP are leading holiday compensation experts and provide advice to tourists planning holidays abroad on avoiding common foreign accidents.

Holiday Illness Compensation

When you travel on holiday abroad the standards of health and safety may be much lower than you are accustomed to here in the UK.

The Package Travel [Etc] Regulations 1992 make tour operators who organise package holidays responsible for your 'reasonable' safety.

What is reasonable often depends on where your holiday took place. When travelling abroad on holiday the standard of safety that is 'reasonable' is the standard that applies in the country you are visiting and not UK safety standards which are amongst the highest in the world.

So if you visit the Dominican Republic which is a developing country you must not expect the same standard of safety you take for granted here in the UK.

There are practical things you can do to reduce the risk of an accident abroad and through experience Simpson Millar's Accident Abroad Claims Team will share some of the most common accidents abroad they deal with every year and provide advice to anyone travelling abroad.

Accidents Abroad - Holiday Apartments and Hotel Rooms

Accidents Abroad - Using Hotel and Holiday Apartment Facilities

If you have been involved in an accident abroad that was not your fault then get in touch with Holiday Accident Lawyers now to find out how they can help you claim compensation for your injuries and ruined holiday on:

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