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Injured in a Swimming Pool Accident whilst on Holiday?

Swimming Pool Injuries, Diving Accidents at Hotels on Holiday and Cryptosporidium could ruin your holiday

It is a sad fact that most drowning accidents in swimming pools at hotels abroad involving children happen within the 1st day of the holiday.

Children are excited and eager to jump into the swimming pool and play. Parents and guardians are often tired from travelling and have thoughts of unpacking and unwinding with a drink. This combination coupled with the fact that in many countries a lifeguard is not required can lead to tragedy.

It is also a sad fact that every year young men in particular return to the UK from their holidays abroad with life changing injuries including paraplegia or tetraplegia. Bravado, alcohol and unusual swimming pool designs are the contributing factors to so many diving accidents abroad each year.

There is also the hidden threat that swimming pool water can be contaminated by faeces (which is known to cause the bacterial infection Cryptosporidium. Outbreaks of illness at hotels can occur when water becomes contaminated by faecal matter.

Avoiding Swimming Pool Accidents - Safety advice:

  • Remember that most hotels abroad do not employ lifeguards
  • Supervise young children at all times
  • Do not engage in unruly inconsiderate behaviour. Observe the pool rules and the information signs that are displayed
  • Find out where the deep and shallow parts of the pool are. Be aware that swimming pool depths abroad often vary and can be deceiving
  • Check the water’s depth before jumping or diving into the swimming pool. Never attempt to dive into water that is less than 1.5 metres deep
  • Never jump or dive standing on poolside furniture or raised feature of the pool
  • Do not use the pool after dark or during the hours when it is closed
  • Do not attempt to swim after consuming a meal and never swim after drinking alcohol
  • Make sure you know what to do in an emergency and where to get help
  • Never run around the poolside – the poolside can be very slippery

Cryptosporidium in Swimming Pools - Safety advice:

  • Shower before entering the swimming pool
  • Do not swim if you are suffering from diarrhoea or a stomach upset
  • Allow 48 hours to pass following a stomach illness before entering the swimming pool
  • Make sure children use the toilet before entering the pool and take regular toilet rests
  • If there is a faecal accident in or around the swimming pool report it immediately so that the hotel can take appropriate action and ensure that the highest standards of pool hygiene are maintained
  • Never change nappies by the poolside as this can cause contamination
  • Wash hands thoroughly after changing nappies and using the toilet
  • Young children and babies should wear appropriate swimwear – bathing in nappies or nude is not acceptable

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