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Did you slip, trip or fall over in the restaurant at your hotel?

Did you hurt yourself after slipping over on the floor at the buffet?

The buffet restaurant serving hotel guests is a place where many holiday accidents each season occur.

The temptation by some guests to overload their plates inevitably means that food and drink spillages frequently occur. When these spillages occur on tiled floor surfaces they can present a slipping hazard to the unsuspecting holidaymaker making their way to or from the buffet counter.

Trays for carrying food are often not provided. Food and drink is most likely to be spilt directly in front of the buffet counters.

Slips, trips and falls in Hotel Restaurants - Holiday Accident Safety advice:

  • Ensure you step carefully and look for signs of food and drink spillages
  • Report any spillages immediately to the waiting staff to prevent another guest suffering a slipping accident

If you slipped, tripped or fallen over in the restaurant at your hotel and suffered injuries that have ruined your holiday then you should get in touch with our holiday accident team. Claim compensation today by speaking to our Accident on Holiday Specialists and find out if they can recoup compensation for you.

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