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Did you Slip in the Shower or Bath at your Hotel and Injure Yourself?

Typical holiday accommodation bathrooms abroad will have tiled floor surfaces and often a shower facility above the bath.

Both the tiled floor and bath surface become hazardous when wet and each year many unfortunate holidaymakers receive nasty injuries following slipping accidents in hotel or apartment bathrooms.

You should be aware that most hotels abroad do not supply shower mats or bath mats as standard practice but will provide one if it is requested. To ensure you don't slip or fall in the bath or shower its advisable to request a mat!

Avoid Slipping Accidents - Safety advice:

  • Water and condensation create slippery floor and bath surfaces
  • If you are not provided with a bath or shower mat ask for one
  • Never try to use electrical appliances near to water – even if there is a socket in your bathroom
  • Always use grab rails to support yourself fully when entering or exiting the bath or shower

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