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Patio and Balcony Doors - Glass Accidents and Injuries on Holiday

A mistake UK holidaymakers innocently make when travelling on holiday abroad is assuming that their hotel or apartment patio and balcony doors will be constructed using safety or toughened glass.

In most foreign countries there is no requirement for safety or toughened glass to be used.

Consequently every year many holidaymakers suffer horrific injuries caused by glass shattering and often it is young children who are injured.

You should never leave young children unattended in hotel rooms or holiday apartments where there are glass doors. Children assume that glass will be similar to that found in their home and fail to appreciate that the slightest bump can cause the glass to shatter into razor sharp shards.

Glass Accidents - Safety advice:

  • Be very aware that glass patio and balcony doors and windows are unlikely to be made from safety or toughened glass
  • Do not let children run in accommodation where there are glass patio or balcony doors
  • Do not attempt to open glass doors by pressing on the glass
  • Draw heavy curtains
  • Take care in sunlight. Glass doors that are closed may not be obvious

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