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Egypt Holiday Illness Claim: What Evidence Do You Need?

Date: 3rd March 2020

If you’ve fallen ill on holiday in Egypt, you’ll have a better chance of successfully claiming compensation if you’ve got evidence proving your tour operator or hotel were to blame.

Your case may hinge on demonstrating that they didn’t meet basic hygiene standards and that this failure directly caused your illness. So gathering the right evidence can be crucial in proving beyond doubt that you’re a victim of negligence.

So what evidence can you gather that may support your claim?

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Take photos

Holiday illnesses are often the result of poor hygiene standards at hotels. For instance, food may not have been cooked thoroughly, or been served lukewarm, reheated or left standing for too long.

Swimming pools are also a common source of holiday illness, as they can carry and spread infection if the water gets contaminated and they aren’t cleaned properly.

So if you’ve fallen ill, it’s important to take photos of poor hygiene standard or practice at the hotel, such as undercooked or infested food, dirty cutlery, rats, dirty pool water and any other potential causes of infection.

One crucial advantage of capturing images of the issues straight away is that you’ll have a record of what it looked like before the tour operator or hotel has had a chance to make any changes.

Otherwise, you may be giving them an opportunity to refute your claims and state that they meet the highest standards.

Documentation and Correspondence

After getting ill on holiday, it’s very important that you let your tour operator rep know straight away, as well as hotel staff. But it’s also vital that you write down the details of every conversation you have as soon as you can. Ask for a copy of the Sickness Incident Form.

If you do make a compensation claim, it can be very helpful to have a record of who you spoke to, what was said, when the conversations happened and the outcome of each one.

If you’re referred to a doctor during your holiday, keep copies of any relevant documents, receipts for medication and prescriptions.

Again, this can show what happened and when, and what doctors said at the time of your illness. Ideally, you should get a stool sample taken if you come down with a gastric illness on holiday, so the specific illness can be identified and treated.

But if you can’t get this done during your holiday, ask for a test from your GP as soon as you get back home. Otherwise, it may be too late to work out what specific infection you’ve picked up.

Contact Details of Witnesses

If you believe poor hygiene at your hotel or resort is responsible for your illness, it’s very likely that other people will have fallen ill too. So gather contact details of fellow guests at your hotel, as they could back up your account of events when you come to make a claim.

Other Evidence

If we take on your case, our Holiday Illness Solicitors will also produce evidence to support your claim. For instance, we may arrange an independent medical assessment, so an objective third party report outlining your condition and the impact it’s had on your life can be written up.

This can be crucial in helping us value your claim and ensuring you get the right amount of compensation.

We’ll also assess the financial impact of your illness, such as any loss of earnings and medical expenses that you’ve racked up.

With this information, we can calculate an amount of compensation that we believe meets your needs and circumstances, and reflects the severity of what you’ve gone through.

Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation, so we can discuss your holiday illness with you and see if you have a good chance of making a successful claim.

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors are happy to advise you on whether or not your case has a good chance of success, and if we take on your case, we may be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis. Ask us for details about this option. 0808 145 1353