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How to Stay Safe at Hotel Swimming Pools

Date: 11th December 2019

Hotel swimming pools are inviting for holidaymakers, but can be very hazardous if they aren’t properly maintained. But if you’ve booked an all-inclusive package holiday, it’s your tour operator’s responsibility to ensure swimming pools and surrounding areas are safe and well looked after, and that processes are in place if an emergency does happen.

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That means if you suffer an injury in or around the swimming pool area through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation. Our team of expert Holiday Claims Solicitors have lots of experience in this area of law, so can help you get compensation for your injury, its subsequent impact on your life and the fact that your holiday was ruined.

Swimming Pool Hazards

Injuries in and around the swimming pool area can be caused by many potential hazards. Broken tiles, for instance, can be particularly dangerous, as can defective pool drainage and filtration systems.

Holidaymakers may also put themselves at risk accidentally because of unclear pool depths, so they dive in a part of the pool when it’s far shallower than they believe. Swimming pool injuries can result in anything from minor cuts and bruises to a broken bone, or even a holidaymaker being left tetraplegic or paraplegic.

If you’re on an all-inclusive package holiday, it’s your tour operator’s job to make sure swimming pools and their surrounding areas are safe and well-maintained, with adequate life-saving equipment on hand.

Should you be injured in the swimming pool or while walking round it through no fault of your own, you’re protected under the Package Travel Regulations 1992. Our team of Holiday Claims Solicitors can help you claim compensation from your tour operator, and may be able to handle your case on a No Win, No Fee basis, which means there’s no financial risk to you.

How to Enjoy a Hotel Swimming Pool Safely

Keep an Eye on Young Children

You may be tired and stressed after your long journey to your destination, while your children may be over-excited. But it’s very important you keep an eye on them at all times, particularly as many hotels abroad don’t employ lifeguards, and pool attendants may be busy elsewhere.

Most children who drown in hotel swimming pool accidents do so within one day of arriving at their holiday destination, so keep yours safe at all times when they’re playing near the hotel swimming pool.

Check the Water’s Depth

If you’re planning to jump or dive into the pool, it’s very important you know how deep it is. Don’t dive into water if it’s less than 1.5m deep. So find out where the deep and shallow parts of the pool are, as depths abroad vary and can be deceiving.

Observe Pool Regulations

When you’re on holiday, you may be so relaxed and loosened up that you start acting in an unruly way. But that can be very dangerous, particularly around a swimming pool, so it’s important you behave accordingly and observe all the safety rules and information provided. Also, don’t jump or dive while standing on poolside furniture or raised features of the pool. Furniture can topple over and you may hit the deck, causing serious injury, loss of teeth or even a fatal head injury.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Make sure you know what to do in an emergency and how to get help - some pools have lifebelts on the side of the pool which are accessible to swimmers.

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors are specialists in this area of law, so we can advise you if you want to make a holiday injury claim and if your claim has a good chance of success. We may be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis, so ask us for details about this funding option.

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