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How to Complain on Holiday

Date: 4th November 2019

If you’re on holiday and it’s not up to scratch – perhaps the room is dirty or your food is inedible -then don’t wait to come home before you complain.

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The best time to raise a grievance is there and then, so you can give the tour operator or hotel management the chance to do something about it. So what’s the best way to ensure you get a positive response to a complaint?

Show Physical Proof of What You Were Promised

The description and photos on a tour operator’s website or holiday brochure are there to set expectations for your holiday. So make sure you take a copy of the brochure or a printout of the relevant web page with you on holiday.

If you booked a package holiday and something isn’t exactly as the literature stated, you’ll have the details of what you were promised readily to hand, so you can show it to your tour operator representative, or to bolster any written complaints you wish to make.

Don’t Delay Complaining

If your room isn’t up to scratch or any other hotel facilities are substandard, tell hotel staff or your holiday rep straight away. The sooner you complain, the better.

Stay Calm

Even if you’re furious about a problem at your holiday destination, losing your temper with a rep or hotel manager won’t get you anywhere. So when raising a grievance, explain the issue politely and ask for it to be resolved.

If you start making unreasonable demands, it might affect your case if you decide to claim compensation at a later date. For example, if there’s a slight problem with your room, don’t go in demanding to be moved to a new hotel. Instead, why not suggest you be moved to a different room or ask for a goodwill gesture such as a complementary meal whilst the problem is being dealt with?

Gather Evidence

Take the opportunity to gather evidence that supports your complaint, such as photos and videos of potential health and safety risks or anything that’s unclean or unhygienic. If you collect this kind of evidence straight away, you’ll have proof of the issue in question before your tour operator or hotel management has had a chance to make any changes following your complaint.

Other useful evidence can include the names and contact details of fellow guests who are also unhappy, as they could back up your version of events and even take joint legal action with you if it becomes necessary.

If you or a member of your family suffered sickness on holiday and believe the illness was caused by the fault or negligence of the hotel or tour operator, you may be entitled to compensation.

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