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Can I Claim Compensation for Slipping or Tripping on Holiday?

Date: 25th October 2019

Many of us will have the odd moment where we’re not paying full attention to our surroundings and take a slight tumble sustaining injury. But if you slip or trip on a floor surface or staircase while on a package holiday and you were paying adequate attention, it may be that the staff at your hotel didn’t do enough to ensure these areas within the hotel were safe. In cases such as this, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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Our Holiday Claims Solicitors are specialists in this area of law and can help you claim compensation if you believe you were put at unnecessary risk. We’ve dealt with many claims of this nature over the years, and have noted a number of common causes.

Marble Stairs

Hotel staircases are often designed to be durable and look amazing, so marble ticks both of these boxes. However, marble is a high maintenance material and can become slippery for a multitude of reasons, one such reason being the cleaning regime in a hotel and staff failing to fully dry the flooring after cleaning has taken place.

Wet Stairs

Leaving floors wet after mopping is common in some countries with hotter climates, as often the heat in these destinations means recently mopped floors will dry more quickly without having to use a dry mop. However, whilst many hotels will adopt this procedure, some will fail to display a yellow warning sign alerting guests to the fact that the surfaces have just been cleaned and may still be wet.

As a result, unsuspecting holidaymakers can easily slip on these hazardous surfaces, resulting in injury.

No handrail on staircases

While a handrail on a staircase is often overlooked, it serves an important purpose beyond helping those who are less able to make their way between floors. It is recommended that when using stairs you take extra care and hold on to the handrail which has been provided. Often in the event of a slip, a handrail will give you something to grab onto and may save you from a nasty fall resulting in an injury. A responsible Tour operator will usually ensure that staircases within the hotels they offer have handrails, which have been checked and are properly secured. The absence of a handrail can on occasion result in injury or contribute to the same.

High Expectations from Guests

British holidaymakers are used to living in a country where health and safety is taken very seriously. As a result, there’s a certain expectation that similar standards will be found overseas. However, this often isn’t the case, and standards can vary drastically from country to country, so hotel guests may find themselves in potentially dangerous environments which they are not used to.

Water Spread By People From the Pool

Many slips and trips can be the result of other hotel guests carelessly walking through the hotel in wet swim wear spreading water from the swimming pools around on to the stairs and floors nearby. This water could get mixed with other common holiday items such as drinks and sun lotion, thereby making some surfaces very slippery and dangerous.

Claim Compensation For Your Holiday Injury

If you’ve suffered a slip or trip on holiday, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

You can claim damages for:

  • Pain and suffering that wasn’t your fault
  • Loss of holiday enjoyment
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Travel expenses you’ve incurred as a result of your injury
  • Any loss of earnings
  • Care and rehabilitation you require

Our Holiday Claims Solicitors are happy to advise you on whether or not your case has a good chance of success, and if we take on your case, we may be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis. Ask us for details about this option. 0808 145 1353