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The Travel Claims Team at Simpson Millar LLP are able to offer free advice to holidaymakers that have been on a holiday with and have suffered food poisoning or an accident due to poor standards of service or misrepresented holidays.

Our Services

  • Legal assistance free of charge for people with complaints about travel services including problems with air travel, coach transfers and hotels.
  • No win no fee dispute resolution service available for accident and illness complaints.
  • Direction on the right (and wrong) things to say when making a claim.

It is vital that you think clearly about what you say to when making a complaint as the most innocent of comments can potentially jeopardise you chances of making a successful claim. That is why we would always suggest that you take legal advice particularly in relation to accident and illness claims.

It is also vital that you make sure you know what your claim is worth as time and time again claims made directly to tour operators (without legal assistance) settle for under their true value.

Quite often tour operators will ask you to complete forms relating to an accident or illness either while on holiday or after you have returned – once you have filed an initial letter of complaint. You should make sure that you do not complete those forms until you have taken legal advice first.

It is important that you keep evidence of all your complaints in the form of photographs, video footage and a written record of your grievances if you are still on holiday.

Here to help you

No win no fee holiday claims for compensation

We can offer you advice and assistance if you have suffered a sickness or personal injury on holiday and will let you know whether we think your claim has prospects and what your claim may be worth. If you decide to place your claim through us we will offer this on a no win no fee funding basis.

Why you may be entitled to compensation

Under the 1992 Package Holiday Regulations, if the holiday is a package will be responsible for ensuring that every aspect of your holiday is available as promised in any adverts or brochure descriptions - and provided to a reasonable standard in line with the hotel rating.

There are certain procedures that must be followed before taking legal action. If those procedures are not followed you could be liable to pay’s legal costs. We can offer guidance and support in terms of what procedures to follow in advance of taking matters further.

It is vital that you do not accept any offer of compensation that they may offer to you without taking advice.

The majority of food poisoning and accident claims that we settle are worth more than £2000 and in some cases the claim values exceed £10,000 – for pain and suffering alone.

How to make a complaint

You can contact on Customer Services on 02033848453 or email to get details of their complaints procedure. Alternatively you can write to them at:

Customer Relations Lowcostholidays Spain, S.L.U
Calle Ada Byron s/n
Planta Baja, Puerta 5-A Edificio Estel
Parc Bit
Son Sardina, Majorca
Spain has a duty to find prompt solutions to package holiday makers in difficulty. If they do not they may be in breach of the package travel regulations.

If you are unsure about what evidence you need to back up your claim or what do if you are not getting the response you want from them, you can contact us and potentially start your no win no fee claim against them today.

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