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If you are considering making a compensation claim it is advisable to choose a law firm with specific travel Industry experience to ensure you get the best financial result.

Our team of legal experts are renowned for their specialist knowledge and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Have you got a valid Holiday Illness Claim?

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

Yes No
Q: Were you ill before you went on holiday? icon icon
Q: Did you mainly eat the food at your hotel or swim in their pool? icon icon
Q: Did you start to feel ill whilst on holiday or shortly after coming home? icon icon

Result = Potential claim for compensation

If your answers look like the table above you already have a very strong case.

Who is Responsible for your Illness?

This depends on whom your contract was with as this determines who is responsible and whom you will make a claim against. Providing that your holiday was a 'package holiday' then your UK tour operator or holiday provider is responsible.

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Do I have the right to make a claim?

The Package Travel Regulations 1992 provide consumers with legal protection that includes making your tour operator or supplier of your holiday responsible for every aspect of the holiday including the services provided by its suppliers such as hotels, airlines, airport transfer companies and so on. So if you suffered from food poisoning abroad or sickness caused by a dirty swimming pool then potentially your holiday company could be to blame.

How much compensation are holiday illness claims worth?

If you have suffered financially because of your illness you can add your losses to your claim. These may include amongst others -

  • Your loss of earnings and future earnings
  • Any medical fees you have incurred for treatment an prescriptions
  • The cost of your ruined holiday and compensation for the fact you did not enjoy your holiday because you were ill

Types of Illnesses Suffered on Holiday

There are different ways that holidaymakers catch infections whilst abroad. Each of these bugs is avoidable if good hygiene practices are followed, but some infections are caused by:

  • Food poisoning, ie and these include bacterial bugs such as:
    • Salmonella
    • Campylobacter, and
    • Amoebic Dysentry
  • Dirty and contaminated swimming pools or drinking water, ie parasitics bugs such as:
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Giardia Lamblia
  • Environmental, ie often transmitted by touching infected objects or surfaces:
    • Shigella
    • E-coli

Examples of poor hygiene practices at hotels abroad

  • Food being served lukewarm or undercooked
  • Cross-contamination of raw and cooked meats
  • Flies and animals such birds being allowed to contaminate the restaurant
  • Human faeces contaminating the swimming pool

How to Find Out about Making a Holiday Illness Claim

Simply drop us an email or call and speak directly to one of our friendly team. We will be able to tell you whether you have a good case and what your options are. We can answer most questions you may have and the advice you receive is completely free.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Holiday Illness Claim?

We accept holiday claims on no win no fee terms which means that providing you take our advice you only pay us if your claim is successful and only when you have got your compensation.

If your claim in not successful then we do not get paid. It is in our interests to make sure you win compensation.

If your claim is successful then, unlike other law firms, we will not take anything from the first £1000 you win and, most importantly, we will never ask you to pay any shortfall in the costs we recover from the other side.

What Happens When I Make a Holiday Illness Claim?

We will write to the other side and put forward your claim.

We will gather all the evidence necessary (this includes medical evidence) to make sure that your case is strongest it can possibly be. We will value your claim and ask you to confirm that you are happy with our valuation. In higher value claims we will instruct a barrister to value the claim.

When you are content with the value of your claim we will put forward a proposal to the other side. In most cases the claim will then settle and that will be the end of the matter.

If the claim does not settle then we would discuss with you bringing court proceedings on your behalf, which is a last resort. During all of this time you just leave us to do all the work whilst you get on with your life.

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