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Holiday Illness Claims Experts at Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP

If you are visiting this page there is a strong possibility you have suffered from illness on holiday and are seeking an experienced Holiday Illness Claims Experts specialist advice.

Recovering substantial compensation for our clients is what our reputation is built on - and our reputation is second to none.

Holiday Illness Claims Expert

Holiday Illness Claims Specialists

Your case will not be handled by just anybody – your holiday claim will be handled by a dedicated and highly skilled lawyer and a team of experts in the field of personal injury claims involving holidaymakers who suffer illness abroad whilst on holiday through food poisoning, poor standards of hygiene and contaminated swimming pools at hotels.

We handle holiday illness claims worldwide with most cases of illness affecting holidaymakers returning from EgyptTurkeyCubaMexico and the Dominican Republic.

The most common holiday illnesses being; salmonellacryptosporidiumcampylobactere coli shigellaamoebic dysentery and giardia lamblia.

The infections are bacterial and avoidable if reasonable standards of food hygiene and water treatment are upheld.

Holiday Illness Compensation Claims

Claiming compensation for illness on holiday can seem a daunting prospect.

Where do you start? How much compensation will I get? How much will the legal fees cost?

  • Your starting point is finding out whether you have a valid claim – there is no point pursuing a claim that will lead nowhere – Get FREE advice from our holiday illness claims specialists by simply emailing brief details or calling our dedicated Holiday Claims line on 0808 145 1353. Just tell us what happened and we will explain your options.
  • How long were you ill for? Have you lost any earnings? How much did your holiday cost? Have you incurred any expenses? These are just some of the questions that will help to determine how compensation you can expect to receive. At Simpson Millar we will maximise your claim to ensure you receive the best outcome. We recently won £13,000 for a holidaymaker who contracted salmonella food poisoning during a holiday abroad in Bulgaria. Typically for a short-term illness resolving within 28 days you could expect an award in the region of £2,000 so if your £3000 holiday was ruined by illness and you lost two weeks earnings of £400 then you could expect to win around £6000.00 for your claim.

Ill on Holiday – Claim Compensation

Suffering from illness while on holiday is devastating. You have worked hard to save for your holiday. You have precious little quality time with your family. You have gone without to put money aside to pay for what should have been a wonderful time.

Why should you sit in silence when the food at the expensive hotel is stone cold and covered in insects?

Why should you and your family accept shoddy and damp accommodation not fit for an animal?

Why should you put up with a swimming pool that is dirty and so murky you can’t see the bottom?

The answer is you don’t have to put up with it. The Package Travel [Etc] Regulations 1992 provide people who purchase “package holidays” with powerful consumer protection.

Your tour operator is responsible for providing the services that make up your holiday to a reasonable standard and they are liable to pay compensation if those services fall below a reasonable standard.

Were a Group of You Ill on Holiday?

At Simpson Millar we manage large class actions involving often many hundreds of holiday makers who shared the same experience.

We have recently won compensation for large groups who become ill during their holidays in the Dominican Republic – Cuba and Mexico.

It is not uncommon for a whole hotel to be struck by an illness bug resulting in frequent instances of hundreds of holiday makers falling ill. This seems to happen at all-inclusive hotels when a contaminated batch of food might be served or the swimming pool has been polluted.

If you were at a hotel where almost everyone seemed to fall ill then contact us and see just how much you can claim.

Holiday Village Illness Compensation Claims Specialists

  • Red Sea / Coral Sea Holiday Village – Egypt – Illness Outbreak 2010 Have you or your family had a holiday from hell at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt? We are representing more than 100 holiday makers struck by illness at the Red Sea Holiday Village during summer 2010 with illnesses including salmonella – cryptosporidium – e coli and shigella. Contact us today if you have been affected.
  • Turkey Holiday Village – Sarigerme – Turkey – Sickness Outbreak 2009 Were you ill whilst on holiday at the Holiday Village Turkey? Our Holiday Illness Claims Experts are representing more than 100 claimants who became ill at the hotel in summer 2009 with illnesses including salmonella – cryptosporidium and chronic ear infections.
  • Costa Del Sol Holiday Village – Benalmadena - Spain – Brits Struck by Illness Bug Our Holiday Claims Experts are representing a large group of tourists hit by an illness bug at the Holiday Village Costa Del Sol resort in summer 2009. If you contracted an illness - such as cryptosporidium - speak to a Holiday Illness Claim advisor today by calling 0808 145 1353.

Other Holiday Village resorts our specialist Claims team have won compensation for clients include the Rhodes Holiday Village following a mass sickness outbreak in 2010 and the Golden Beach Holiday Village in the Dominican Republic further to an illness bug that swept the resort in 2009.

Causes of Illness on Holiday

When you travel abroad on holiday you let your guard down and expect the same standards of hygiene that you are accustomed to here in the UK.

So what should you look out for?

  • Is the food hot? Bacteria such as salmonella spreads rapidly on lukewarm foods especially poultry
  • Is the food cooked thoroughly? Pink or bloody chicken can carry infections such as campylobacter and salmonella. Runny eggs can also harbour these infections; Birds in the restaurants. Birds are vermin and carry disease. They leave traces of bacterial infection where they land and through defecation which can innocently find its way into the human digestive system through hand to mouth contact
  • Dirty and stained drinking glasses, cutlery and crockery – the dirt is often waste and a film of bacteria which will find its way into the digestive system
  • Beware of sewage smells – flies and insects thrive on raw sewage and will transfer microscopic particles onto food and surfaces
  • Is the door knob clean? When leaving a toilet and using the door knob consider whether the previous user has been careful with their own personal hygiene

These are only a few ways in which bacteria can be innocently ingested which then leads to illness. The typical symptoms being diarrhoea – vomiting – stomach cramps – fever – headaches – aching joints and nausea.

Holiday Illness Experts – Claims Specialists

With offices nationwide and more than 150 years experience Simpson Millar Solicitors is the law firm to trust with your claim.

Our Travel Law Department has unrivalled experience with many of its lawyers having worked for the major UK tour operators.

We can assist you no matter where you live. You can find Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Experts across the UK, with our Solicitors in Bristol - Cardiff - Kingston-upon-Thames - Lancaster - Lancaster (Thurnham Way) - Leeds (Head Office) - Liverpool - London - Manchester - Morecambe - Southport

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