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Holiday Compensation - What Can You Claim?

You can claim compensation for any financial loss due to the personal injury illness you have suffered at your hotel.

Compensation awards for pain and suffering caused by, for example, food poisoning on holiday range from £600 - £33,500.

In addition to compensation your pain and suffering you are entitled to claim compensation for your out of pocket expenses and financial loss.

Some examples of holiday compensation you can claim are listed – this list is not exhaustive:

  • Personal Expenses – eg medical costs, travel insurance excess
  • Holiday Experience – the period of the holiday that was ruined due to the accident or illness
  • Holiday Enjoyment - if you didn't enjoy the holiday due to being ill or injured, the law permits you to be compensated
  • Loss of Earnings - you can claim compensation for money you could have earnt but were not able to due to the accident or illness
  • Care - due to the accident or illness you may need extra care and help, this can be compensated
  • Future Loss – this includes earning, future costs and pensions that will be lost due to the accident or injury
  • Pain and Suffering - this is dependant upon the severity of the injury or accident and will be awarded accordingly

What is my claim worth?

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Holiday Claims Examples

Consumer Travel Advice

Simpson Millar LLP's holiday claims team can advise on many travel law related issues and set out below are guides on many travel issues that holidaymakers can face whilst travelling abroad.

Each guide contains information that sets out your rights as consumers and how you can go about obtaining compensation for your holiday complaint.


Package Travel Holidays

Dynamic Travel Packages

All guides are accurate at the time of writing but are no constitute for obtaining proper advice in relation to your specific complaint. Each guide contains useful links to resources whereby you can obtain further assistance or find out more information.

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