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Choosing the Right Holiday Compensation Claims Solicitors

Before instructing a solicitor you must be careful to choose the right firm for you. Here we offer some tips which you may wish to consider;

Are you instructing a law firm or a 'claims farmer'?

Be very careful to choose a law firm to conduct your holiday compensation claim.

There are many companies who allude to being solicitors but are only interested in selling on your claim at a profit. They are usually known as claim referral or claims management firms – many of them advertise on TV.

Claims referral and management firms will try to hide the fact that they are selling on your claim and so they should as they are doing nothing for you apart from putting you in touch with one of their panel solicitors – which you can do for free.

Tip - Ask the firm if they will be conducting your case or whether it will be one of their panel solicitors. If the company puts you in touch with another firm of solicitors this is a very good indication that your claim is being sold to the highest bidder and not the necessarily the best firm to handle your claim.

You have a right to be told at the outset how much your claim will be sold for.

Why Choose Us

Simpson Millar solicitors are specialist Holiday Accident and Illness Compensation Solicitors. We cut out the middleman. We don’t believe in paying someone else for your holiday compensation claim.

Is the firm reputable?

Justice served

Simpson Millar has more than 150 years experience and offices nationwide. The firm prides itself on the calibre of its people and has been described as ‘most innovative’.

The firm’s Lexcel accreditation means you can rest assured that your holiday compensation claim will be conducted professionally and to the highest standards.

Our Holiday Claims lawyers are experts in their field and include lawyers who have worked for tour operators giving you an advantage. Simpson Millar’s worldwide network of associates means that your holiday compensation claim will receive the highest level of professional support.

Is the firm sincere?

Would you trust a law firm who calls for a particular hotel to be closed when an outbreak of sickness happens?

Some law firms and claims referral firms claim to be consumer champions by calling for tour operators to close hotels. In truth these firms depend on these hotels to generate their work – so why should they want the hotels to close?

At Simpson Millar we are not crusaders and neither do we pretend to be. We are plainly honest.

We make profits by winning cases for holidaymakers injured abroad. It would be insincere for us to want to close hotels where people become ill as this would lead to less work for us. What our work does do is put tour operators on their guard. Tour operators know that if they fail to uphold proper safety standards we will be there to ensure they pay the penalty.

Your Holiday Compensation Claim

At Simpson Millar we have built our reputation on securing the maximum compensation for our clients and our attention to client service.

Unlike other law firms we will treat your holiday compensation claim with the highest degree of care rather than placing our profits over your compensation award.

At Simpson Millar we will not hide the fact that we will make a profit but we are patient and prepared to wait and work hard until the settlement is appropriate for you.

When you call us you will not be diverted to someone who knows nothing about your holiday compensation claim. You will be put straight through to the person conducting your case.

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