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If you have had an accident abroad and are seeking advice from experienced Holiday Accident Expert and would like to find out more about making a holiday accident compensation claim, get in touch on : 0808 145 1353

Why Do You Need Holiday Accident Lawyers?

If you have been injured abroad, the rules for claiming compensation may be very different to those that apply in England and Wales. For example, in England and Wales you have 3 years from the date you suffered a personal injury to claim compensation (or 3 years from the date a minor reaches 18).

If your holiday was purchased as a package holiday, then regardless of which country abroad your accident happened, you could be entitled to claim compensation from your UK tour operator.

What is Different about Holiday Accident Lawyers?

To pursue a holiday accident claim, you need Lawyers that understand this complex area of law and who can advise you about claiming for a personal injury sustained abroad.

If your accident has, for example, happened in Spain during a package holiday, the standards of safety that the court will measure will be those that are applied in Spain, and not England and Wales, at the date of your accident.

At Simpson Millar, we have associates in every major tourist destination abroad who have the skills and expertise to provide the support needed to successfully win holiday accident claims.

Case Study

Mr John Thomas of Birmingham suffered a personal injury on holiday when he slipped and fell on a staircase at a hotel in Turkey, which led to his basement floor apartment. The staircase had no handrail and was constructed from smooth slippery marble.

To succeed in his claim for compensation, Mr Thomas would have to prove that the staircase failed to comply with Turkish safety standards and that any failure caused or contributed to Mr Thomas’ accident.

Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident Specialists work closely with Turkish architects and attorneys and would advise Mr Thomas that, in Turkey, there are regulations that require staircases at hotels to have handrails and to be constructed from non-slip material.

Had the staircase complied with Turkish safety standards then Mr Thomas’ accident would have been averted.

By proving this, Mr Thomas would be very likely to succeed in a claim for compensation from his tour operator.

Had an Accident Whilst Abroad on Holiday?

Talk to a Holiday Accident Claims Specialist at Simpson Millar today and see if you can claim compensation.

Our dedicated team of Personal Injury Specialists can advise you about pursuing a holiday accident claim, regardless of where your accident occurred abroad. We have listed some of the destinations our Holiday Experts have experience of helping victims of accidents abroad to claim compensation for their injuries.

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