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Am I entitled to make a Holiday Accident Claim?

The law permits an injured party to pursue the organiser of a holiday for compensation if the holiday was booked as a package holiday.

How do I know if it was a Package Holiday?

A package holiday is created when transport and accommodation (or other services not linked to transport or accommodation) are offered for sale in the UK at one all-inclusive price and cover more than 24 hours.

The injured party may pursue a compensation claim if their accident occurred during the holiday and was fault of a party providing services.

For example, if you slip and fall on a wet hotel floor surface that has just been mopped and there are no warning signs displayed then potentially your holiday company or tour operator is responsible.

Types of Holiday Accidents

The list of accidents that people suffer whilst abroad is endless but the most common types of accident include:

Other examples include accidents caused by objects falling from overhead lockers on board airplanes or by turbulence or accidents during a cruise.

The law also can assist if you have been involved in a road traffic accident anywhere in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA).

How Much is my Holiday Claim Worth?

Compensation for a personal injury is made up of different types of losses. Though not exhaustive these are typically:

  • Out of pocket expenses and loss: This includes the cost of your spoilt holiday, medical fees, lost earnings and travel costs
  • Future expenses and losses: These include earnings, medical and care fees, pension loss, home adaptations
  • A lump sum for the injury itself: The size of award will depend on the type of injury

For example, the Judical College Guidelines, which provide guidance suggest the following for a back injury:

Where a full recovery is made within a short period of time (days, a couple of weeks) an award of up to £1,550 would be appropriate.

However, in the most severe cases where there is damage to the spinal cord causing very serious consequences and severe pain and may include incomplete paralysis, impaired bowel and bladder, bowel function and award of up to £118,300 would be appropriate.

Choosing your Holiday Claims Solicitor

It is the most important decision you will make – who do you trust with your holiday accident claim?

You want to know that your claim is in safe hands and that your chosen representative will do everything possible to win your case and to maximise your compensation award.

The starting point is to find out whether the solicitors are experienced and can demonstrate their knowledge and a history of outstanding success.

A specialist holiday accident claims solicitor will have access to resources that will ensure that your claim is supported by the best evidence and expertise necessary to secure a successful outcome.

Important Notice regarding Time Limits for Making Claims - Time limits for making holiday accident claims vary depending on the type of accident and the country where it happened. We advise you to speak to a solicitor as soon as possible to avoid losing the opportunity to pursue an accident claim.

How Much Will it Cost Me to Make a Claim?

Your claim can be accepted on no win no fee basis if you have no other pre-existing means of funding a case.

With a no win no fee terms agreement, providing you take our advice then you will pay not a single penny unless you win compensation.

There is no risk to you and we will never ask you to pay any money upfront and unlike other firms we will never ask you to pay any shortfall in the costs we recover from your opponent meaning you have complete peace of mind from day one.

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