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Group Holiday Illness Claims at Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP

Did you know you can claim compensation for Holiday Illness if you were ill at your hotel or onboard your cruise ship whilst on a package holiday with a UK Tour Operator. If more than one person is ill then you can all join together and make a group compensation claim.

Why Group Holiday Illness Claims are Successful

In order to strengthen your claim it can be very beneficial if there is more than one person making a Holiday Illness Claim; this is very true especially when making claims for holiday illnesses, eg Food Poisoning. Very often, food poisoning is a mass sickness outbreak affecting a vast range of people staying at a hotel or resort.

Proving that the cause of the illness or sickness outbreak is the fault of the hotel or cruise liners can be difficult, as holiday representatives will try their best to cover up the issue and deny any faults or wrong-doing on their part.

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So if you notice other people at your hotel with similar symptoms you should speak to them and swap contact details. The larger the group claim, the more evidence there is against the UK tour operator being liable for the illness outbreak.

At Simpson Millar we can assist you in co-ordinating your Group Holiday Illness Claim, we have over 35 years of experience in the travel industry and have dealt with many Group Claims in various countries:

This service is provided on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Group Holiday Illness Claims Success Guide

  • Report the holiday illness to your UK tour operator representative whilst at the hotel, resort, or cruise ship, making them aware that there is a problem
  • Collect contact details of other holidaymakers who also fell ill at the hotel or cruise liner during your stay
  • Upon return to the UK, visit your doctor and request a stool sample to be sent away for analysis
  • Contact a Group Holiday Illness Expert to help manage your claim successfully

Group Holiday Illness Compensation

You may not be aware that, if your package holiday was ruined due to an illness outbreak, you can claim compensation under the Package Travel Regulations 1992. We deal with many cases where holidaymakers have been told by their UK tour operator that they are not at fault, or the sickness was due to an ‘airborne virus’ and no damages or refunds are going to be offered – we know this is simply their standard response to all claims and will work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

Group Holiday Illness

Illnesses caused by Food Poisoning, include Salmonella, Campylobacter and Shigella. Swimming Pools can also cause illness eg Cryptosporidium and Shigella, are usually short lived. However, if not treated correctly, they can cause serious long-term medical problems for you, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so it is important that the illness is dealt with in the correct manner.

Time Limits for making a Group Holiday Illness Claim

You may be eligible to claim compensation if you suffered the illness whilst on a package holiday or cruised booked in the UK, providing the holiday was within the past 3 years.

Group Holiday Illness Claims Success Stories

Cuba Group Holiday Illness Claims Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel – 16 holidaymakers received compensation after falling ill the Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel in Cuba. Thomas Cook settled the claims out of court. “Excellent. Well informed at all stages. Very informative, professional and thorough. Good service. Good result” – Alan Barker

Dominican Republic Group Holiday Illness Claims Sirenis Cocotal Resort – 19 holidaymakers were compensated by Thomas Cook after falling sick whilst at the Sirenis Cocotal Resort in the Domincan Republic. “Brilliant! Made the whole process stress free, simple and got us a great result. Very professional and fair” – Sarah Bishop

Egypt Group Holiday Illness Claims Red Sea Holiday Village – 105 holidaymakers have agreed or are in the process of agreeing settlements following an outbreak of illness at the Coral Sea Holiday Village in 2010 involving the bacterial infections Salmonella and E-coli and the parasitic waterborne infection Cryptosporidium.

Mexico Group Holiday Illness Claims Sandos Caracol Hotel – 13 holidaymakers settled their claims with TUI Holidays following an illness outbreak at the Sandos Caracol Resort in Mexico. “Nothing to say but thank you and well done!” – Sharon Lavender

Turkey Group Holiday Illness Claims Tropicana Azure Club – 17 holidaymakers compensated by TUI holidays following an outbreak of illness at the Tropicana Club Azure Hotel with some guests contracting the salmonella food poisoning and shigella infections. “Very professional and good at explaining details of the claim all the way through” – Lisa Wilson

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