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Are you suffering from ongoing medical complications eg Reactive Arthritis?

Did you suffer from food poisoning on holiday?

Reiter’s Syndrome describes the debilitating symptoms that follow food poisoning. Bacteria which cause illness to holidaymakers include:

  • Salmonella
  • Campylobacter
  • Shigella, and
  • E-coli

The most common symptoms of Reiter’s Syndrome are arthritis, urethritis and conjunctivitis.

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Symptoms include: The arthritis associated with Reiter’s syndrome occurs rapidly, with joints becoming swollen and hot - large effusions, or collections of fluid, can develop in the knee joint or ankle - wrists, fingers and other joints can be affected, although with less frequency.

Duration of illness: Symptoms of Reiter’s syndrome often subside in 2 to 8 months, although they can recur.

Holidaymakers may develop chronic arthritis, which is usually mild. A small percentage of traveller’s with Reiter’s syndrome have such severe symptoms that the pain and inflammation cannot be easily controlled with any treatment – they will have to deal with constant pain for the rest of their lives.

Treatment: There is no cure for Reiter's syndrome, but antibiotics, exercise and anti inflammatory drugs can alleviate some of the pain and inflammation.

£20,000 awarded to holidaymaker left with incontinence following bout of salmonella food poisoning on holiday!

"Mrs Roberts was ill on holiday in the Dominican Republic was diagnosed with food poisoning caused by salmonella – she was incapacitated by the holiday sickness and passed blood. The holiday was ruined and she flew home, assisted by her husband. After passing more blood she was hospitalised, where she was detained for 2 days and given intravenous fluid and antibiotics. She lost two and a half stones in weight over the next month. Following several invasive investigations she was diagnosed with post infective irritable bowel syndrome. For 4 years she experienced incontinence suffering from loose stools requiring several bowl movements per day. She needed help cooking because she was nauseated by the smell of food. Her sex life and social life were severely curtailed."

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