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First Choice Holiday Accident Claims Advice

First Choice Holidays, the champion of the all-inclusive holiday sends thousands of holidaymakers abroad each year to Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico and many other countries. However, every year a large number of First Choice customers suffer from accidents on holiday and are injured through no fault of their own.

Holidaymakers are often injured whilst on cruises, aircrafts, transfers and in hotels which are sold as part of a First Choice all inclusive holiday. Many seek advice from leading travel lawyers, Simpson Millar, on the prospect of claiming compensation for their personal injuries.

Compensation Claims and Your Legal Rights

Your First Choice holiday is protected by Regulation 15 of The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations.

Family Holiday Ruined by Accident

First Choice is liable to you if it or one of its suppliers of service fails to exercise reasonable care in performance of the holiday contract, irrespective of whether such services are provided by airlines, hotels, cruise ship operators etc.

If you suffer a personal injury on a First Choice holiday because the services fell below the applicable standard of care in the destination where those services are delivered, the 1992 regulations enable you to claim compensation for your accident in the UK despite the fact it occurred abroad.

Types of First Choice Holiday Accident Claims

Simpson Millar’s Travel Experts often pursue slip and trip accident claims against the tour operator, First Choice Holidays. However, we have also been successful in recovering compensation for accidents involving glass patio doors; electrocution; swimming pool accidents; coach accidents; and many other personal injury claims which occur abroad.

As personal injury lawyers who focus on First Choice accident claims we can help hundreds of people to recover compensation from their tour operator.

How to make a First Choice Accident Complaint

If you have suffered from an injury abroad and are looking to claim compensation from First Choice Holidays we advise you to speak to one of Simpson Millar’s Travel Experts for free legal advice.

It is always advisable to seek professional legal advice from an experienced travel solicitor as you may not fully understand your rights or the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive for your personal injuries.

Holiday Accident Claims

Many injured holidaymakers attempt to obtain compensation directly from First Choice following an accident abroad but become frustrated with the claims process. Our specialist team of holiday lawyers can help you claim an appropriate amount of compensation for your injuries.

We will keep you updated during the claims process and pursue your accident claim against First Choice as quickly as possible and pursuant to the Pre Action Protocol for Personal injury. Why allow First Choice’s in-house claims team to use delay or to take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge?

If you have been offered a holiday vouchers for £400 (or a cash equivalent) in full and final settlement of your claim for injuries from First Choice Holidays contact us first before extinguishing your legal rights to appropriate compensation – your claim is likely to be worth substantially more!

Travellers’ who suffer from an accident or injury during a First Choice holiday can get in touch with one of our experienced travel lawyers for advice.

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