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Did you slip or fall down the stairs at your hotel?

Was your holiday ruined due to the injuries you sustained after slipping or falling down stairs?

Steps and staircases abroad are frequently constructed from slippery material such as marble which increases the risks of slips, trips and falls for holidaymakers.

Often stairs in hotels abroad will not have a handrail. Wet mopping is also a practice adopted for cleaning floors surfaces and steps in foreign hotels – floor surfaces are generally left to dry in the natural heat and wet floor warning signs are not always displayed.

Most accidents on stairs abroad occur within the close vicinity of a swimming pool or wet room such as a spa or sauna. Other guests will carelessly tread water onto floor surfaces and stairs as they enter the communal parts of the hotel building – the combination of water, sun tan lotion and a marble floor or step surface creates a lethally slippery surface.

Slips, trips and falls on steps and stairs - Holiday Accident Safety advice:

  • If you are descending a staircase use the handrail or banister if one is provided
  • Proceed carefully and slowly, observing for spillages or signs of wetness on the steps
  • Keep a distance between you and anyone descending the stairs in front of you. You will then be able to see the steps and react to any spillage or hazard
  • When descending stairs if you notice there are maids in the vicinity there is a good possibility that the floor surfaces may have been cleaned which you should be alerted to
  • Observe for wet floor warning signs and pay heed if they are displayed

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