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Simpson Millar Solicitors are the UK’s leading holiday no win no fee claims solicitors and win compensation for holidaymakers who suffer accidents and illness abroad during foreign holidays.

Did you suffer an injury or illness at an all-inclusive hotel during a package holiday in Egypt?

Holiday Illness

Claim your compensation if you have been the victim of food poisoning whilst on holiday or an accident abroad that wasn’t your fault.

The Package Travel Regulations 1992 provide consumers with powerful protection and make tour operators responsible for ensuring that all the services and facilities that make up a holiday are supplied with reasonable skill and care.

So if you become sick because the food served at your Egyptian hotel is unfit for human consumption or contaminated by harmful bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli or campylobacter you have a strong claim to be compensated.

Compensation awards for food poisoning caused by salmonella range between £1,500 and £35,000 depending on the extent of the illness.

Compensation awards for injuries such as a broken wrist, a broken ankle and more serious injuries such as a neck or head injury range between £2,000 and £2,00,000.

In addition you can claim all your financial losses and future losses such as medical expenses and earning you may have lost and may lose in the future.

We closely monitor hotels in Egypt for food poisoning outbreaks of sickness and illness striking British holidaymakers and supplied as package holidays by the UK’s leading tour operators including First Choice Holidays and Thomas Cook Holidays.

A list of the Red Sea hotels we keep an eye on that First Choice Holidays use include:

A list of the Red Sea hotels we watch used by Thomas Cook Holidays include:

The lists of hotels are not exhaustive and if you have been ill or sick at a hotel or suffered an injury during a holiday to Egypt’s Red Sea resort then drop us a line.

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