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Cooking Accidents Abroad - Burns and Scalding Injuries

Were you or your child burnt using a cooking appliance in your hotel accommodation?

Cooking appliances in holiday accommodation often consist of electric cooking rings.

Common injuries are burns caused by electric cooking rings. Unlike gas appliances it is often not evident whether or not the appliance is switched on.

Children in particular may put their hands on kitchen surfaces and be unaware that the cooking ring is hot and likely to cause a burns injury.

Placing saucepans at the back of the cooking appliance using the back rings can help to avoid accidents involving boiling liquids.

Cooking Accidents - Safety advice:

  • Check cooking appliances are turned off before leaving your apartment and before going to bed
  • Do not use cooking appliances to heat your apartment and never leave them unattended
  • Use the back rings of electric cooking appliances to cook food and boil water
  • Never place items such as shopping on top of the cooking appliance

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