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Compensation for Food Poisoning on Holiday Abroad

Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP help people claim compensation for holiday illness caused by salmonella food poisoning and sickness bugs found in hotels abroad.

The question that many of you want to know is:

"How much compensation can I claim if I suffer food poisoning on holiday and the hotel or tour operator is to blame?"

Lawyers are often guided by the Judicial Studies Board’s 'Guidelines for the Assessment of Personal Injury Claims'. These guidelines provide an estimate of the amount of compensation awarded for the ‘pain, suffering and loss of amenity’. They do not include compensation for other things such as the cost of the ruined holiday. At 2010 the Judicial Studies Board’s compensation brackets for food poisoning are:

  • £31,075 to £42,460 – For food poisoning which causes severe pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever requiring hospital admission for weeks and continuing incontinence -haemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome, having a significant impact on the ability to work and enjoy life
  • £7,700 to £15,510 – For serious short lived food poisoning with symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting diminishing over 2-4 weeks with some remaining discomfort and disturbance of bowel function and impact on sex life and enjoyment of food over a few years. Any such symptoms lasting indefinitely would attract an award at the top of this bracket
  • ££3,190 to £7,700 - For food poisoning causing significant discomfort, stomach cramps, alteration of bowel function and fatigue. Hospital admission for a number of days with symptoms lasting for a few weeks but complete recovery within 2 years.
  • £737 to £3,190 - Varying degrees of disabling pain, cramps and diarrhoea continuing for some days or weeks.

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If you have suffered from sickness, food poisoning – including salmonella or an illness such as Campylobacter or E-coli whilst on a holiday abroad in any of the holiday destinations listed below then our holiday compensation lawyers will strive to achieve the best possible outcome and the compensation you deserve.

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