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£4,000 Compensation for Salmonella on Holiday

We helped a man secure £4,000 for Salmonella on Holiday

Our client went on an all-inclusive holiday at the RIU Palace resort in Playacar, Mexico with his partner, where flights, transfers and accommodation were all included in the price, and meals and drinks were provided on site. The hotel complex had several restaurants, including a main buffet and a poolside bar.

About 10 days into the holiday, he started suffering stomach pains and sickness, which developed into severe diarrhoea and occasional vomiting. He then spotted blood in his diarrhoea.

He decided not to take any medication for his symptoms, instead choosing to drink lots of water to try to flush out the sickness bug. Meanwhile, he carried on trying to enjoy his holiday, as he didn’t want to spoil it for his partner.

But his condition forced him to spend lots of time in his room, and he was going to the toilet 8 or 9 times a day. On top of this, he didn’t want to eat as he feared the consequences.

Our client and his partner hadn’t yet gone on any excursions, but had thought about doing so later on in their holiday. But given his condition, this wasn’t an option.

He chose not to report his symptoms to hotel staff or the tour operator rep, and hoped he would make a full recovery after returning to the UK and going back to normal foods. But this wasn’t the case, and he continued getting severe cramps and pulling pains in his stomach. In fact, his symptoms started getting worse as he was seeing more blood in his stools.

He decided to contact his GP, and after a stool sample was taken, he tested positive for Salmonella. It was just over 3 weeks after first becoming sick that he finally felt fully back to normal. But he wasn’t able to go to work during this time, which was costly as he was self-employed.

The sickness also affected other aspects of his life. For example, he was so drained by his Salmonella symptoms that he couldn’t take his son to football for several weeks, and while he didn’t weigh himself throughout this period, people started noting that his face looked a lot thinner, which suggests he lost some weight because of his Salmonella sickness. His experience has also put him off eating spicy food.

How We Helped

He blamed tour operator TUI for contracting Salmonella on holiday, as he never ate outside the hotel complex during his stay. He approached our team of Holiday Claims Solicitors for help claiming compensation, and Associate Solicitor James Blower took on his case.

James arranged for our client to undergo an independent medical examination and assessed the financial impact of his illness. This helped to calculate how much compensation our client may be entitled to from TUI.

James approached TUI, and in presenting the case argued that there were several food hygiene failings at the RIU Palace resort in Playacar that led to our client falling ill.

For example, the quality and temperature of the buffet food was variable, depending on what time people went to the restaurant, as some of it was lukewarm and had been left out for quite some time.

Our client also never saw a probe being used to check the temperature of the food while dining in the buffet. He also didn’t see any hand sanitisers being used by staff in any of the hotel restaurants, and pointed out that if they were there, their use wasn’t being encouraged.

The design of some of the eating areas was also found to be problematic. For example, while some of the restaurants were fully enclosed, the lunchtime buffet location had roofs but were open at the sides. This meant birds and insects could fly around inside the dining and food serving area, land on tables and take leftover food on plates. They would also go on the floor after food had been dropped.

James argued that since our client had only eaten food from the hotel during his holiday, food hygiene standards mustn’t have been acceptable for Salmonella to happen. TUI had a duty of care to make sure proper checks and inspections took place and so were liable (at fault) for his illness.

The Outcome

Following negotiations with TUI, we secured a total of £4,000 in compensation for our client. This helped to make up for the earning opportunities our client had missed out on while he was sick.

The compensation payout also helped to compensate him for the period of the holiday that was ruined by his illness, as the holiday had cost £5,000 in full.

£7,500 Compensation After In-Flight Scalding Accident

Plane Passenger Wins £7,500 Compensation After In-Flight Scalding Accident

Our client was flying to Mexico with her husband to celebrate their 20th anniversary when a hot drink spilled on her mid-flight. She was drinking coffee from a disposable beaker during her TUI (TUI) flight, but the plastic lid was not secured.

The coffee spilled on her abdomen, her right leg, her thighs and her foot and caused considerable pain. A flight attendant reacted by throwing ice and water into her lap while she was sat in her seat, and she was then helped to the toilet, where the clothing on the bottom half of her body was removed so a burn gel pack could be applied.

Only 1 pack was available so was used to treat multiple injured areas, and the passenger was then helped back to her seat, covered by a blanket. Cabin crew gave her two more bags of ice and more gel, but the passenger didn’t get any further attention throughout the rest of the flight.

After disembarking in Cancun, the woman wasn’t looked at by a medical professional, so she contacted a local doctor the following day. She was prescribed antibiotics and continued dressing her wounds, but nevertheless, the pain persisted and she remained very uncomfortable.

The woman had to pay £150 for medication while in Mexico, and due to the continuing pain, the couple’s special anniversary holiday in the country had been completely ruined.

How We Helped

The passenger contacted our team Holiday Claims Solicitors and Associate Solicitor Paul Stevens, who specialises in his holiday accident claims, took on the case. He immediately arranged a plastic surgeon’s report, which said our client had sustained mainly second-degree burns.

Her injuries also affected her physical relationship with her husband, and she was unable to use her local gym, even though she’d paid a non-refundable subscription fee of £156. We sent details of the claim to TUI (TUI), and at first, they refused to accept that they were to blame.

The Outcome

After some negotiation, TUI (TUI) agreed to settle for £7,500, and our client accepted this offer.

Following the settlement, the client praised our service, describing Paul Stevens as very friendly, responsive to her queries and good at explaining everything in a way she could understand.

She added that she’d happily recommend Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident Claims team to others who’d suffered an accident on holiday.

£5,000 awarded to holidaymaker following fall

Over £5,000 awarded to holidaymaker following fall in the foyer of the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in Mexico

After a successful trial, our client was awarded over £5,000 in compensation after they were injured by a fall in the hotel foyer of the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in Mexico. During the trial, it was proven that inadequate safety procedures were in place to prevent such an accident from happening.

The Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in the Riviera Maya

Advertised by British tour operator Thomas Cook on an all-inclusive basis, the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum is situated in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. From online reviews, it’s clear that this hotel is very popular with holidaymakers, however, our client’s holiday soon took a turn for the worse.

Wedding anniversary holiday accident

Our client stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum to celebrate their friend’s wedding anniversary, but soon after their arrival, disaster struck. Only 1 day into their holiday, our client tripped on a large mat that had been unsafely placed in the hotel foyer.

The accident left our client in a lot of pain, to the point that she described the experience akin to going into shock. She advised us that her leg swelled, meaning that she initially required the use of a walking stick and later a wheelchair to assist her with her mobility.

Holidaymaker hospitalised in Mexico

Due to her injuries, our client had to go to the doctor, upon which she was referred to hospital for treatment. At the hospital, she required an x-ray where it was confirmed that she had broken her right patella (knee cap). While at the hospital our client’s leg was placed in a plaster cast and she was told to take painkillers and advised that as part of her recovery, she would require physiotherapy.

Because of her accident, our client was unable to enjoy the all-inclusive facilities that she had paid for, and she was also unable to explore the area surrounding the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum, something that she had hoped to do as part of her holiday to Mexico.

Problems getting back to the UK following injury

Our client informed us that the Thomas Cook holiday representatives weren’t very helpful and she experienced problems getting home, as Thomas Cook were unable to fly her back in the condition that she was in. This meant that she had to make special arrangements to get home through her insurer, adding further stress to the experience.

Upon her return to the UK, our client was further affected by her accident and was unable to drive for about a month. She soon contacted our travel law team and instructed us to represent her in making a compensation claim against Thomas Cook.

Case goes to trial

We entered into correspondence with Thomas Cook, during which we tried to settle our client’s claim, but ultimately the case went to trial were it was found that Thomas Cook had been negligent and could have taken steps to prevent our client’s injury.

As a result of our representation, our client was awarded £5,775 in compensation.

Glowing client testimonial

After their case was successful, our client sent the following to us:

Dear Mr Tarling (Andrew),

Thank you so much for your help in settling my claim against Thomas Cook.

I really do appreciate your professionalism, your expertise and knowledge of the “ins” and “outs” of this complicated business.

I am going to take my daughter away for a few days. Treat our friends who were in Mexico with us, and use the rest to pay for a holiday…

What to do if you’re injured on holiday

If you suffer an accident on holiday, it’s important that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner as soon as possible, ideally while still at your resort. It’s possible that your injury is more severe than is immediately apparent, and by receiving treatment, you put yourself in a better position to make a faster recovery, as well as reducing the risk that your initial injury will cause long-term problems.

In the eventuality that you need to make a compensation claim following your accident, it’s advisable to gather as much evidence as you can at the time of the incident. This can be done by taking photos or recording video to show how the environment of your holiday destination has resulted in your injury.

It’s important to remember that a foreign injury claim is likely to be assessed on foreign health and safety standards, and by supplying our travel law specialists with as much evidence as you can, they will be able to make a more accurate an assessment of your potential holiday accident claim.

Salmonella at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

£2,500 awarded to pregnant holidaymaker who suffered Salmonella at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

One of our clients has recently been awarded £2,500 in compensation after she suffered a bout of Salmonella while pregnant and on holiday at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Situated in the popular Riviera Maya region of Mexico, the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum is currently advertised by British tour operator Thomas Cook on an all-inclusive basis. The hotel ranks well on review websites such as TripAdvisor and features a great selection of facilities, restaurants and bars, however, at the time of her holiday, our client witnessed problems with hygiene standards and suffered from a debilitating gastric illness.

Gastric illness suffered during pregnancy

Our client travelled to the Grand Bahia Principe at the end of October 2015 for her holiday in November. After having only eaten at the Mexican resort, she began to feel sick 3 days into her break abroad.

At first, she experienced symptoms of stomach cramps and nausea, but her symptoms soon got worse as she began to suffer from continuous bouts of diarrhoea, as well as instances of vomiting and fever like symptoms. Understandably, her condition resulted in her having to spend more time in her room than she would otherwise have chosen to do, leaving her unable to fully enjoy her holiday or take part in some of the excursions she had hoped to go on.

She informed us that her symptoms persisted for the remaining 6 days of her holiday and continued once she returned to the UK, where she decided to visit her GP. After a stool sample test, it was confirmed that she had suffered from Salmonella, which subsequently caused complications for her pregnancy and resulted in a loss of earnings.

Possible food poisoning in Mexico

Our client informed us that she found some aspects of the Grand Bahia Principe to be concerning, commenting that she found the food available at the buffet to be of a low quality and somewhat bland and dull. She also told us that the buffet wasn’t covered when meals were being served.

In some locations, an uncovered buffet might not be problematic, but in warmer climates such as the Riviera Maya, problems can arise. Our client explained to us that she saw flies buzzing around the hotel buffet, and it’s possible that this is what caused her to become unwell.

Flies are naturally attracted to faeces, and because they taste by landing on things, they can transfer the faecal matter to whatever they land on next, including uncovered buffet dishes. This can result in buffet food becoming contaminated by flies carrying harmful pathogens such as Salmonella.

Our client informed us that she never witnessed the hotel kitchen staff performing temperature checks on the food, something which could be very concerning at a hotel buffet. While thoroughly cooking food is often enough to adequately reduce the risk of hotel guests consuming a hazardous pathogen, by allowing it to reach unsafe temperatures in a buffet once it has been served, it’s possible that harmful bacteria will begin to breed.

There are other potential causes of holiday illness that our client informed us of, such as finding that during her stay the plates and cutlery were often dirty.

£2,500 compensation for Salmonella

After suffering Salmonellosis during her pregnancy, our client contacted us to pursue a holiday illness compensation claim against her tour operator. Following our representation, she has won £2,500 in compensation, after it was shown that her illness that could have been prevented.

You might be entitled to claim compensation

If you have been diagnosed with Salmonella or suffered another holiday illness that could have been prevented while you were on an all-inclusive package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could be entitled to make a claim against your tour operator.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you’re entitled to compensation. Speak to a member of our travel law team, and we can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can advise you of whether we can represent you on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis.

£6,750 for Gastroenteritis in Mexico

£6,750 for Gastroenteritis at the El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Following instruction from our client we have successfully pursued a claim for compensation against TUI after illness ruined our client’s holiday to the El Dorado Seaside Suites and Spa in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, having suffering from a gastrointestinal infection.

About the El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa

The El Dorado Seaside Suites are advertised by TUI as an all-inclusive resort with packages tailored to couples looking to celebrate their marriage, whether on honeymoon or an anniversary. Part of TUI’s Sensimar resorts, this Mexican hotel is aimed solely at adults and should have provided the perfect holiday destination for our client, with a range of facilities, including “16 relaxation zones and treatment suites” as part of a spa, an outdoor pool, jacuzzi and restaurants that promise a gourmet dining experience.

Unfortunately poor food safety standards that were the likely cause of illness have meant that our client had a disastrous break abroad.

Gastroenteritis in Mexico

Our client booked her holiday to the El Dorado Seaside Suite with the intention of going on a memorable holiday with her husband, but it soon became clear that this holiday would be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Although the hotel was kept clean and in a presentable condition, our client had to ask for popular breakfast dishes such as omelettes to be cooked on both sides as the chefs were rushing through busy queues and serving them runny. She also found that food was being moved between restaurants uncovered and also ate at an open buffet where birds were able to access the food.

Only a few days into their holiday our client began to feel unwell, finding herself needing extra blankets to stay warm and her appetite began to wane. Soon after she began to exhibit symptoms of stomach cramps and severe diarrhoea in the early hours of the morning which got worse as time went on, leading to headaches. After nearly passing out the hotel doctor advised that our client was experiencing heart problems as a result of a gastrointestinal problem and subsequently had to go to hospital. Following multiple tests it was revealed that our client had large amounts of bacteria in her stool, which a surgeon confirmed to be Gastroenteritis.

As a result of our client’s illness her holiday was ruined, however her partner found that she wasn’t alone as other guests at the El Dorado Seaside Suites had suffered similar symptoms and been hospitalised for several days. It took our client 6 weeks to start to return to normal, and upon returning to the UK was unable to go straight back to work.

Food Poisoning in Riviera Maya

It appears that the cause of our client’s illness was food poisoning which could have been caused by a number of food hygiene errors. It’s likely that this is a case where food is not being thoroughly cooked as evident by the runny omelettes that where being served, but it’s possible that there’s an issue of cross-contamination from animals coming into contact with food, as well as serving and dining areas at open buffets and restaurants. These errors could easily be rectified by the El Dorado Seaside Suite staff, and until they do it’s likely that we’ll see further instances of gastrointestinal illnesses ruining more the holidays.

What to Do If You’ve been affected?

Following our representation our client was awarded £6,750 compensation, which will have taken into account her pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of her holiday. It only took our client a few minutes to find out if she was able to make a claim following a free consultation, and following her instructions we did the hard work, keeping her updated in plain jargon-free English at every step of her case.

Successful Claim for Compensation

If you’ve experienced similar symptoms while on holiday like our client did, it’s possible that you also suffered a gastrointestinal infection, and you too might be able to make a claim for compensation. All it takes is a quick phone call during which we will be able to provide you with advice on the value of your claim and the best way to proceed with a claim. We operate on no win no fee’ claims, meaning that we won’t charge you for our services unless we’re successful.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about making a claim against your tour operator following a bout of travellers’ diarrhoea or any other foreign illness on holiday, then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our travel law team.

£12,300 for illness contracted at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa

Manchester couple receive £12,300 for illness contracted at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Mexico

We have successfully concluded a case for a couple from Greater Manchester whose holiday was ruined by gastric illness as a result of poor standards at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico. We were approached by the couple who were seeking representation for a claim against UK tour operator Thomas Cook, due to a disastrous holiday where they witnessed a number of concerning food safety and hygiene errors being made.

Problems at the Moon Palace

The couple witnessed problems that included being served meals that were raw and undercooked in the Brazilian restaurant, buffet food being left uncovered for long periods of time, with fresh food being added to old food, making it almost impossible to know how long dishes had been left out. They also noticed that hot food at the buffet was being left to reach lukewarm temperatures, and dirty plates were being left out around the pools, which subsequently attracted birds and other pests looking to snap up scraps left by other guests.

Problems only continued for the Greater Manchester couple who described the hotel to us as being of a poor standard, with broken tiles and mould within the swimming pool, a far cry from HACPP standards and certainly not the five star experience that they had expected when booking their Mexican holiday.

These hygiene errors in conjunction with a perceived lack of standards at the Moon Palace could have contributed to an environment that allows harmful bacteria and parasites to spread, and holidaymakers to become ill.

Medical expert supports claim

After being instructed by the unfortunate holidaymakers to claim against Thomas Cook we arranged for contact with an expert gastroenterologist who was able to closely link the poor standards of hygiene and the sub-standard services at the Moon Palace with the couples’ illnesses and symptoms. This step of the claim ensured that our clients had the necessary medical evidence to make sure that their case was successful.

Outcome of the case

Following our representation we helped our client to put together a strong case against their tour operator, and Thomas Cook has subsequently accepted that there have been failings at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort, and that our clients’ illnesses were caused by these problems. Because of this they entered into settlement negotiations, resulting in £12,300 compensation for our clients.

Positive client feedback

Claire Rabbetts, our Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Specialist who handled the case, has confirmed that her clients were very pleased with the outcome, praising her on the great result.

Claire’s clients stated that the service was “first class from beginning to end and that they would highly recommend Claire, as she kept them informed, was patient and a pleasure to deal with“.

Our clients were also pleased with the fact that Thomas Cook had realised the errors of their ways and compensated them for the illness they contracted which resulted in their ruined holiday. The Greater Manchester couple are looking forward to putting the whole experience behind them and they have confirmed that they will be more wary when travelling abroad to an all-inclusive hotel in the future.

What we can do for you

Each year we represent hundreds of holidaymakers who have returned from popular holiday destinations such as Mexico with nasty bacterial diseases, parasitic infections and a whole range of stomach bugs and illnesses that can result in a ruined holiday. If you have had a holiday nightmare then don’t let your tour operator get away with it. You likely paid good money for your break abroad and if you became ill on a package holiday you could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds of compensation.

We are currently helping many other holidaymakers who have become unwell at hotels in Mexico, including the following repeat offenders:

  • Sensimar Seaside Suites
    • (previously known as the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma)
  • Secrets the Vine Hotel
  • Secrets Maroma Beach
  • Sensatori Resort

£7,000 compensation after Mexican hotel bug

£7,000 compensation after Mexican hotel bug ruins honeymoon holiday

Thomas Cook has agreed to pay a British woman compensation after she contracted a severe bout of gastric illness while honeymooning in Mexico.

When the illness struck in May 2012, the 28-year-old recruitment consultant was with her new husband at the Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma, close to the Riviera Maya resort.

Cause of Illness

Most likely caused by consuming contaminated food or drink

All-inclusive board holiday

Noting the all-inclusive nature of the Thomas Cook holiday package for the Azul Beach, Simpson Millar’s Andrew Tarling said the illness was most likely caused by consuming contaminated food or drink.

“Our client suffered a gastric intestinal disorder by way of either viral, protozoa or a bacterial parasite, ingested as a result of the consumption of contaminated food, drinking water and/or swimming pool water provided at the hotel,” Andrew said.

Hotel hygiene “poor”

“Forced to take time off work, our client attributed the source of her illness to the unacceptably poor standards of hygiene exercised at the hotel.”

Medical Report

Holidaymaker had suffered “9 days of diarrhoea with cramps, very severely and occurring every 20 minutes”

Although no bleeding or vomiting was noted, our client “did experience fever, headaches, malaise, tiredness, fatigue, light-headedness, body aches, shaking and sweating”.

“The report stated that our client lost 4lb in weight which, at the time of her claim, she had still not fully regained,” Andrew said. “It’s important to note that her husband also suffered with diarrhoea at the same time.”

Staff did not wear hygienic clothing

Neither one of the couple could recall seeing catering staff wearing protective gloves or hairnets

The report went on to say that hotel food was felt to be of poor quality. On one occasion fish was served raw and frozen, while neither one of the couple could recall seeing catering staff wearing protective gloves or hairnets.

“Glasses when used were only rinsed rather than fully washed,” Andrew said. “Birds were able to fly into the restaurants and were regularly seen on the tables where breakfast, lunches and evening meals were served.”

Ruined memories

For our client and her bridegroom, the memory of the holiday was ruined – a particularly sensitive issue given it was their honeymoon. Symptoms were depressing and demoralising, while the subsequent colonoscopy our client was obliged to undergo was “upsetting and distressing”.

“Our client’s honeymoon was ruined by illness for which the tour operator’s solicitors vigorously denied liability,” Andrew Tarling concluded.

“They only agreed to the £7,000 compensation after we submitted extensive medical evidence and formally threatened court action.”

Praise for Simpson Millar

“I would not hesitate in recommending their services”

Pronouncing our service “excellent”, our delighted client said Simpson Millar had proved to be the ideal solicitor to manage her case. “Andrew Tarling clearly knew and understood the nature of my case to a high level. I had a lot of confidence in his abilities, and he was friendly, informative and polite throughout the proceedings.”

£12,000 compensation following food poisoning at Mexican hotel

£12,000 compensation from Thomas Cook following food poisoning at Mexican hotel

A Manchester holidaymaker who fell ill at a Mexican hotel represented by Thomas Cook has been paid compensation.

Our client was nearing the end of her stay at Cancun’s Golden Parnassus Hotel in April 2012 when she began to suffer acute gastrointestinal symptoms. These were characterised by sickness and diarrhoea.

The symptoms intensified during her return flight, and by the time she got home the 44-year-old retiree was in severe pain. On admission to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, doctors found she was suffering from an infective gastric illness.

All-inclusive holiday package gave no room for doubt

The holidaymaker was close to the end of an all-inclusive holiday when the symptoms appeared, it is possible that her illness was likely to have been caused by poor food and/or water at the hotel.

Simpson Millar’s Paul Stevens confirmed that she had been enjoying a 2-week package in Cancun on a full-board basis when she was struck down by the illness.

“Our client had been forced to cope with a number of health issues,” Paul noted. “She was already retired from work due to problems with her back.

“She suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which required dietary adjustments, and she was at one point feared to have contracted post-infective arthritis, although this later proved unrelated to the illness.”

Liability denied – but operator eventually settled

“It was extremely difficult to prove that the illness was contracted due to negligence at the hotel,” Paul continued. “Liability was denied throughout until the tour operators agreed to settle, when proceedings were issued and allegations were made about potential breaches of Mexican standards.”

Praise for Simpson Millar

Following a negotiated settlement with Thomas Cook of £12,000, our client praised Simpson Millar’s service. “Paul was very professional throughout the process and kept me updated.”

Even if in doubt, press on

Paul observed that our client’s claim for food poisoning had been successful despite suffering the worst of her illness on her return flight home.

“Some illnesses, especially gastric complaints related to poor hotel hygiene, might only appear at the very end of a holiday or beyond,” Paul said.

“The successful outcome of this case amply proves this point, as well as demonstrating the importance of perseverance against the odds when pursuing a holiday illness claim.”

Holidaymaker wins £4,750 for Falling down a Collapsing Sewer Cover

Holidaymaker wins £4,750 for Falling down a Collapsing Sewer Cover

The Sensatori Azul Hotel in Mexico features many activities in their repertoire. Tennis, yoga, beach sports and a round the clock gym are all special features of this resort. But a tumble down a sewage cover into raw sewage is not offered as part of the package deal. However, this is what our holiday goer was confronted with during her stay.A holidaymaker has received a settlement of £4,750 after falling down a collapsed sewage cover at the Sensatori Azul Hotel, Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Fall Down a Collapsed Sewage Cover

While taking a stroll along the path leading from the beach to the hotel, the female holiday goer walked over a sewage cover. The cover then collapsed beneath her, causing her to plummet around 6 feet down the hole. She landed chest deep in raw sewage, with a stench of which we can only imagine.

As a result of this horrendous fall our unfortunate vacationer suffered injuries to her knee, shin, feet and elbow.

Simpson Millar Investigates the Case

On returning to the UK she approached Simpson Millar to help her shine a light on the wrongdoings of First Choice. James Blower, a solicitor with specialist experience in travel claims conducted the matter. At Simpson Millar we specialise in handling compensation claim cases for those who have had an accident whilst on holiday through no fault of their own.

First Choice did not formally admit responsibility for this dreadful accident, although they did initially offer £3,000 compensation. Following, medical reports put forward to support her claim, Simpson Millar were able to win £4,750 for the lady.

£7,500 for Salmonella illness on TUI package holiday to Mexico

£7,500 for Salmonella illness on TUI package holiday to Mexico

When a Simpson Millar client booked a 7 day TUI package holiday to Mexico’s Grand Palladium Colonial Resort, little did he suspect that he would end up in hospital and with a claim for holiday illness compensation.

The all-inclusive Mexico holiday was wrecked when the holidaymaker developed symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning, including diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and dehydration – and was admitted to a hospital in Mexico as a result.

Making a claim for holiday sickness and diarrhoea

After returning home, he contacted Simpson Millar’s specialist holiday claims team for help. Simpson Millar were able to take on his claim on no win no fee terms and pursued a claim for compensation against the package tour operator TUI Holidays.

The holidaymaker was initially offered the sum of £2,000 as compensation by the package holiday giant – who did not admit liability for the sickness and diarrhoea the holidaymaker suffered at the Grand Palladium Colonial Resort in Mexico

After further medical reports were obtained from a UK consultant in gastrointestinal illnesses, a diagnosis of an “infective” gastrointestinal illness was received.

Although our client’s medical records from Mexico had not actually confirmed that Salmonella was the cause, this had been indicated and the expert’s opinion was that this was the most probable cause of illness.

Simpson Millar’s UK medical consultant concluded that contaminated food was the likely source of the gastric infection – which was likely to be the result of either Salmonella infection or another bacterial infection commonly caused by contaminated food or water.

The consultant gastroenterologist also concluded that the holidaymaker had been so ill with holiday sickness and diarrhoea that it was possible he would develop a post-infective irritable bowel syndrome – which might affect his work and chances of employment in the future.

After receiving the medical expert’s report, TUI Holidays offered an improved settlement of £7,500, which the holidaymaker accepted.

Taking on a Tour Operator to Win Compensation

Holiday illnesses like Salmonella and other bacterial and parasitic infections are easily prevented if good food preparation and hygiene standards at a hotel are upheld.

Many holidaymakers fall ill after eating at hotels, where there have been lapses in food preparation standards, with foods like meat and chicken being undercooked or not stored properly.

Simpson Millar’s holiday illness claims team have helped thousands of holidaymakers to win substantial compensation by making no win no fee holiday claims for illness using the 1992 Package Travel Regulations – which impose a legal duty on tour operators to make sure health and safety standards at the foreign hotels they use are maintained.

For free advice about making a no win no fee holiday compensation claim, call Simpson Millar Solicitors today – or complete the online enquiry form to get your claim underway.