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Plane Passenger Wins £7,500 Compensation After In-Flight Scalding Accident

Author: Paul Stevens | Date: 21st June 2019

Our client was flying to Mexico with her husband to celebrate their 20th anniversary when a hot drink spilled on her mid-flight. She was drinking coffee from a disposable beaker during her TUI (TUI) flight, but the plastic lid was not secured.

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The coffee spilled on her abdomen, her right leg, her thighs and her foot and caused considerable pain. A flight attendant reacted by throwing ice and water into her lap while she was sat in her seat, and she was then helped to the toilet, where the clothing on the bottom half of her body was removed so a burn gel pack could be applied.

Only 1 pack was available so was used to treat multiple injured areas, and the passenger was then helped back to her seat, covered by a blanket. Cabin crew gave her two more bags of ice and more gel, but the passenger didn't get any further attention throughout the rest of the flight.

After disembarking in Cancun, the woman wasn't looked at by a medical professional, so she contacted a local doctor the following day. She was prescribed antibiotics and continued dressing her wounds, but nevertheless, the pain persisted and she remained very uncomfortable.

The woman had to pay £150 for medication while in Mexico, and due to the continuing pain, the couple's special anniversary holiday in the country had been completely ruined.

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How We Helped

The passenger contacted our team Holiday Claims Solicitors and Associate Solicitor Paul Stevens, who specialises in his holiday accident claims, took on the case. He immediately arranged a plastic surgeon's report, which said our client had sustained mainly second-degree burns.

Her injuries also affected her physical relationship with her husband, and she was unable to use her local gym, even though she'd paid a non-refundable subscription fee of £156. We sent details of the claim to TUI (TUI), and at first, they refused to accept that they were to blame.

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The Outcome

After some negotiation, TUI (TUI) agreed to settle for £7,500, and our client accepted this offer.

Following the settlement, the client praised our service, describing Paul Stevens as very friendly, responsive to her queries and good at explaining everything in a way she could understand.

She added that she'd happily recommend Simpson Millar's Holiday Accident Claims team to others who'd suffered an accident on holiday.