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Couple awarded £5,000 Compensation for Food Poisoning on Morocco Holiday

Author: Paul Stevens | Date: 18th July 2019

A couple from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire fell ill just a few days into their holiday in Morocco, suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea.

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They'd been enjoying a 7-day all-inclusive stay at the Medina Gardens when the symptoms first appeared, and these continued after they got back home.

After returning to the UK, one of the couple got in touch with their doctor for a medical examination. A stool sample revealed that he tested positive for Campylobacter - a type of food poisoning that's often the result of meat and poultry being contaminated, and Shigella – a travel sickness bug often caused by infected water.

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How We Helped

The holidaymakers decided to claim compensation from tour operator TUI UK Limited and approached our team of expert Holiday Illness Claims Solicitors for help.

Associate Solicitor Paul Stevens agreed to take on the case, and was able to put together a case with the help of the couple's own observations about conditions at the Medina Gardens.

This included food being left uncovered for lengthy periods of time, not all food being cooked properly, including eggs, and fresh buffet food being mixed in with trays of older food.

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The Outcome

TUI UK Limited agreed to pay separate compensation settlements to our clients for their food and water poisoning, which added up to over £5,000.

Our clients accepted this offer, as it reflected the severity of their illness and the impact it had on their lives, as well as the fact their holiday was completely spoiled. The amount of compensation was also higher than the amount they'd paid for their holiday in the first place.

Following the settlement, our clients praised the service provided by Associate Solicitor Paul Stevens, describing him as "very thorough and sympathetic when responding to any queries or concerns".