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£27,000 Damages for Accident on Holiday at Gran Canaria Hotel

Author: Nick Harris | Date: 26th May 2019

Mrs Thomas was enjoying a holiday in Gran Canaria when she fell on a bridge crossing the swimming pool at her hotel. The bridge was in a poor state of repair and she sustained a broken hip in the fall.

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Our client, an experienced gym goer, was using the lateral pull down weight machine when the cable snapped, sending him falling to the floor along with the pull down bar.

His shoulder was badly injured in the accident and he required extensive specialist treatment. He was also left with lasting nerve damage and neuropathic symptoms, including sharp jabbing sensations and more intense pains.

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How We Helped

Mrs Thomas got in touch with our expert team of Holiday Claims Solicitors for free legal advice about claiming compensation.

Nick Harris, our Head of Travel Law and Holiday Claims, took on the case and worked with a Spanish abogado (Lawyer), as well as an architect in the Canary Islands, in order to prove that safety and maintenance standards weren't met.

We argued that the lighting on the bridge wasn't adequate at the time that Mrs Thomas fell over, and therefore made it hard for her to cross it safely.

Since Mrs Thomas had booked a package holiday, English Law applied to her case. However, we had to measure Spanish and Canarian safety standards in order to assess whether or not the bridge was safe.

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The Outcome

Mrs Thomas's tour operator agreed to award her £27,000 in compensation. She accepted the award, as the size of the settlement reflected the severity of her injuries and their impact on her life.

Speaking after the case was settled, Mrs Thomas praised our Head of Travel Law and Holiday Claims Nick Harris, describing him as "considerate, understanding and extremely helpful".

"He was a patient and caring gentleman, making me feel valued," she said. "The service was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. I can see nothing that might improve what is offered."

Mrs Harris added that the service she received was "efficient, professional and sensitive to the nature of my claim".