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£12,750 Compensation for Accident at Menorca Hotel

Author: Simon Lomax | Date: 2nd July 2019

A holidaymaker at the Hotel Insotel Punta in Menorca, Spain suffered a severe ankle injury when he tripped and fell on a raised, cracked and defective patio slab at his accommodation.

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The pain was so severe that a doctor immediately referred him to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a rupture in his right Achilles tendon. He had to undergo an operation to repair the tear and spent a week convalescing in the Spanish hospital, before being discharged with a plaster splint.

After returning home, he was unable to bear weight on his ankle for at least 3 months, and had to visit his doctor and a fracture clinic for check-ups several times. His injury also affected his lifestyle and daily routine, as he couldn't even perform various jobs in the house or go shopping.

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How We Helped

The injured holidaymaker got in touch with our team of expert Holiday Claims Solicitors to seek compensation from tour operator TUI, both for his holiday being spoiled and the injuries he sustained.

After taking on the case, we contacted the tour operator, arguing that under the Package Holiday Regulations Act 1992, it was responsible for all aspects of the package holiday, including the hotel's state of repair.

We then arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert, who compiled a report confirming his injuries and stating that it could take up to 3 months for him to recover. However, the report also warned that it could take almost 2 years for him to regain his full strength and confidence.

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The Outcome

Our client was eventually awarded £12,750 in compensation. TUI had continued to deny liability (fault) after the medical report was issued, but 3 months later, the company's insurers did finally admit they were responsible.