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£2,710 awarded to holidaymaker injured by golf buggy accident at the Precise Resort El Rompido

30th June 2017

After representation by our travel law specialists, our client has been awarded £2,710 after it was shown that the injury he suffered as a result of an accident on a golf buggy while staying at the Precise Resort El Rompido in Costa de la Luz, could have been prevented with better health and safety standards.

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The Precise Resort El Rompido in Spain

Situated in the Costa de la Luz region of the south of Spain, the Precise Resort El Rompido is in the heart of an 18-hole golf course and home to a range of appealing facilities that make it ideal not just for golf fanatics, but for everyday holidaymakers too.

Unfortunately, what should have been a relaxing break abroad for our client, resulting in a painful injury that meant missing out on time on the green.

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Golf buggy accident

Our client informed us that while at the Precise Resort El Rompido he was in a golf buggy on his way to play a round of golf at the adjoined Campo de Golf El Rompido golf course. On his way, the golf buggy turned a corner, but because there was no safety rail in place, he fell out of the buggy and injured his leg, hip and elbow.

His wounds were cleaned and treated by a golf course assistant, but following the accident, he found that it was painful to walk and even found that he was unable to get a full night's sleep due to the pain of his injuries.

Being a golf enthusiast, our client was disappointed to find that he was also unable to play golf or take part in any other form of exercise for several days due to having to visit the hospital for treatment, which put a dampener on his holiday plans.

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£2,710 in holiday injury compensation

From the photos our client provided to us, it became apparent that the golf buggy had not been adequately maintained. Had it been, a safety rail would have been in place to prevent accidents of this nature from occurring.

Because of his accident, our client incurred some out-of-pocket expenses, as well as missing out on enjoying his holiday as he had intended. Following our representation, he was awarded £2,710 in compensation.

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What to do if you have an accident

If you're injured in an accident abroad, there are things that you can do that can help your situation, regardless of whether you decide to make a claim or not. One of those tasks is to seek out medical assistance as soon as possible.

Medical treatment for a foreign injury

At the time of your accident, you might not be fully aware of the extent of your injuries. By seeing a medical professional, you should receive effective treatment that will result in a speedier recovery, and equally as important, you could prevent any long-term problems from developing as a result of your accident.

If you feel that you have a claim, it's advisable to gather evidence of the cause of your holiday accident. Using your smartphone to take pictures at the time of your injury is a quick and easy way to do this, but if this isn't possible, try to take them as soon as possible. You might find that if you leave it too long, the cause of your accident will be rectified by a responsible hotelier to prevent another guest from being injured.

It's also a good idea to take pictures of your injury if the damage is visible, taking pictures of your wounds healing will clearly show how you were affected. Once you have seen a medical professional, be sure to make a note of what has been said, and keep a copy of any receipts for treatment and any medication that you have taken, as you may be able to claim these back.

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Find out if you can make a holiday injury claim

If you would like to find out more about making a holiday injury compensation claim, just get in touch with a member of our travel law team.

We can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case, advising you of the best way to pursue your claim, including whether we can help you to make a 'no win no fee' compensation claim.

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