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£2,500 for injury caused by hazardous stairs at the Aldemar Knossos Royal in Greece

28th June 2017

As the result of an accident that consisted of a fall down poorly lit hotel stairs at the Aldemar Knossos Royal in Greece, our client has been awarded £2,500 in compensation.

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The Aldemar Knossos Royal in Crete

The Aldemar Knossos Royal is situated in Hersonissos in the Heraklion Area of Crete in Greece. Advertised by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice on an all-inclusive basis, the Greek hotel is quite modern in appearance and includes a range of appealing features, despite this, our client had an accident on holiday that could have been prevented.

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Toenail ripped off by hotel stairs fall

Our client informed us that they were walking down some wooden steps at the Greek hotel that lead to the beach. At the time, the steps weren't adequately illuminated, making it difficult for our client to see where they were going.

She informed us that as she approached the bottom of the wooden steps, a step was missing, resulting in her foot going through the gap and causing her injury.

Our client was in need of treatment that she received at the nearby medical centre, where she received a number of injections for the pain that she was experiencing before her toenail was fully removed. She also had to visit her GP upon her return to the UK, and it took 2 months for her toenail to grow back.

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£2,500 injury compensation award

Following her injury, she instructed our travel law specialists to represent her on a 'no win no fee' basis and she was awarded £2,500 in compensation following her accident at the Aldemar Knossos Royal.

What to do if you have an accident on holiday

In the event that you are injured on holiday, whether as a result of a fall down some stairs or something else, it's important that you seek help from a medical professional as soon as possible. The extent of your injury may not be initially evident, and while your pain may subside with time, you could find that without treatment you are putting yourself at risk of a long-lasting condition.

Medical treatment for a foreign injury

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In the event that you suffer a laceration, or as was the case with our client, your nail is ripped off; you could expose yourself to an infection. Because of this, it's vital that the wound is cleaned, sterilised and if necessary, dressed.

You should see a medical professional at the time of your accident, but it's also worth visiting your GP once you return to the UK. Ensure that you make a note of any treatment that you have received abroad, including any medication that you have been prescribed and taken. An easy way to do this is to ask for a copy of your medical notes, as well as holding onto any receipts for medicines and prescriptions that you have purchased as a result of your injury.

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Before you decide if you need to make a claim

Although you might not be sure if you'll need to make a compensation claim for holiday injury, it's prudent to gather evidence at the time of your accident, as doing so may help your case if you decide to pursue a claim in the future.

If you fell due to an unsafe surface or stairs, take pictures as soon as possible. Hoteliers have been known to act quickly to rectify hazards around their hotel after an accident has occurred, so you want to take pictures or record video before the cause of your injury is rectified.

If anyone witnessed your injury, it can be advisable to exchange contact details with them, as their statement may support your claim.

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How to claim for an accident abroad

In the event that you're injured on a package holiday, you might find that you're entitled to claims compensation from your tour operator. Compensation can usually be claimed for your loss of enjoyment, as well as for your pain and suffering, whether it was short or long term, and to reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident.

This is due to The Package Travel Regulations 1992, which says that your tour operator is expected to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety while abroad.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you're eligible, just contact a member of our travel law team and we'll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case, during which we can advise you of the best method to pursue your case and how much compensation you could expect to receive.

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