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£12,750 win for ankle injury at the Hotel Insotel Punta, Menorca

A holidaymaker has won £12,750 from TUI Holidays after suffering a severe ankle injury requiring an operation and hospitalisation, whilst staying at the Hotel Insotel Punta, Menorca.

The gentleman had booked an all-inclusive package holiday through TUI for a well-deserved break. However, when on holiday he tripped and fell on a raised, cracked and defective patio slab in the hotel.

He immediately suffered pain in his right ankle, which was so bad that a Spanish doctor referred him to the local hospital for treatment. The Spanish hospital examined the holidaymaker’s ankle and carried out an ultrasound. The man was then diagnosed with a rupture in his right Achilles tendon.

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He was admitted under the care of the orthopaedic team and had an operation to repair the tear. He stayed in the Spanish hospital for 1 week and was then discharged with a plaster splint.

Upon returning to the UK, the man attended his GP and Fracture Clinic on a number of occasions for check-ups. He was unable to bear weight on his ankle for at least 12 weeks after.

The injury had a significant effect on his daily lifestyle and routine. He required domestic care and assistance, his household shopping had to be delivered and he had to employ a gardener.

The holidaymaker approached Simpson Millar for help with winning compensation from TUI for his injuries and loss of holiday enjoyment. A letter was sent to TUI Holidays alleging fault, as they were responsible for all aspects of the package holiday under the Package Holiday Regulations 1992.

We obtained a medical report which confirmed the injuries the holidaymaker had sustained at the Hotel Insotel Punta, Menorca. The report also advised that recovery would take up to 3 months but rehabilitation, muscle strength and confident walking would take from 1 year to 18 months.

Soon after this report, TUI claimed that the man was partly to blame for the accident - however 3 months later, TUI’s insurers admitted full liability. We were able to secure a £12,750 win for the man.

Dated: 17/06/2013