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Illness and Injury in Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are exceptionally popular amongst British tourists, whether looking for a fun packed family break in Majorca (Mallorca), the exciting night life in Ibiza or the chance to relax and unwind in Menorca (Minorca), but what happens if you become ill or suffer an accident at any of these popular destinations?

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Can I make a claim?

If you booked a package holiday through a tour operator in the UK, you are provided with a range of rights under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, meaning that every aspect of your break in Majorca, Menorca or Ibiza should be as it was advertised to you and shouldn't cause you harm. In the event that you become ill or injured as a result of your package holiday, you may be able to claim compensation from your tour operator, even if your injury or illness is caused by the following:

How can I find out if I booked a package holiday?

You might be unsure whether you booked a package holiday, and while we're happy to help you find out, if you meet the following criteria it's highly likely that you have booked a package holiday:

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The top 6 causes of illness in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca

In our experience holiday illnesses are often caused by food poisoning or poor hygiene, and we find that the following are the most common hygiene mistakes in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca:

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Hotel swimming pool hygiene

What should I do if I become ill abroad?

IIf you're ill in Majorca, Ibiza or Menorca, it's important to inform someone at your resort as well as your tour operator or holiday representative to allow them to help you and prevent any further outbreak. It's also advisable to receive medical treatment for your condition, including a proper diagnosis, but be sure to contact your travel insurance company before receiving medical assistance. Be sure to keep a note of any diagnosis, treatment or medication you have received as this may help your GP if you require further treatment in the UK.

Reporting your illness as soon as you become ill and receiving a diagnosis as soon as possible is beneficial if you want to make a claim against your tour operator once you return to the UK.

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What types of illness are in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca?

While there are many infectious diseases that could ruin your break in the Balearics, we find that the following are the most frequently reported:

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Should I be worried about cleanliness?

Cleanliness is vital in fighting an illness outbreak, so if someone is ill at a resort, housekeeping should ensure that anywhere a person who has been ill has been to needs to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant. If you don't feel that housekeeping is doing a good job, it's advisable to make the management at your hotel and your tour operator aware.

You might want to consider increasing the frequency at which you wash your hands while in Majorca, Ibiza or Menorca, as this can reduce the risk of becoming ill, and is particularly important after handling the local currency or visiting the toilet, and before eating any food. Keeping antibacterial gel or wipes on you is a great way to achieve this while out and about.

Hotel Hygiene

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Holiday Hotel Watch

We provide alerts of illness outbreaks on our Holiday Hotel Watch website, so if you've witnessed or experienced illness at a hotel in Majorca, Ibiza or Menorca, get in touch with us to make sure that you know your rights and prevent other holidaymakers from experiencing a nightmare holiday.

Family fun in Majorca

Also known as Mallorca, Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and has been massively popular as a tourist destination since the 1960s, featuring stunning beaches and a favourable Mediterranean climate with a focus on family fun, generations of Brit's have enjoyed holidaying at resorts and hotels throughout Majorca.

Clubbing and nightlife in Ibiza

Ibiza also offers fun activities for the whole family, but is renowned for its nightlife, with swathes of big clubs and bars for those looking for an energetic night of music and dancing.

Relaxation in Menorca

Compared to the bustling fun loving vibe of Majorca and the party loving atmosphere of Ibiza, Menorca presents a far more relaxing option for those looking for somewhere to relax and recharge their batteries at a hotel or resort in the Mediterranean.

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Accidents at unprepared hotels and resorts

Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca receive swathes of British tourists throughout the summer months, and at peak times some hotels aren't ready to receive the number of guests that they do, with issues of lapses in maintenance becoming evident. Resorts and hotels in Menorca, Ibiza and Majorca that have outstanding maintenance work can be very dangerous to you, your family and members of your holiday party, as the risk of an injury caused by discarded tools and unfinished work increase.

You might have heard horror stories of unfinished hotels and resorts more closely resembling building sites rather than Mediterranean paradises, or even arrived at a nightmare hotel yourself. If you're dissatisfied with the condition of your resort, it's usually best to complain to your tour operator, as they might be able to relocate you, but if they can't; be wary of potential holiday accidents.

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What are common injuries in Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza?

Some of the more common accident claims that we handle for clients returning from Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza include the following:

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Receive specialist advice before contacting your tour operator

You might be tempted to pursue a compensation claim against your tour operator yourself, but if you were injured or ill for several days on a package holiday in Majorca, Menorca or Ibiza, we highly recommend receiving legal advice first.

Your tour operator may dissuade you from making a claim, possibly implying that you can't prove you became ill as a result of your package holiday, or they might attempt to settle your claim with vouchers or an ex-gratia payment at a fraction of what your claim is actually worth. By speaking to a travel law specialist first you can find out the true value of your claim, and receive advice on the best way to pursue compensation.

Know your rights

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Specialist travel law solicitor

The laws that enable you to make a personal injury or illness claim change frequently and can be very complex, which is why it's best to find a solicitor who specialises in travel law and has a proven track record of successful foreign accident and illness cases. Some of our travel law specialists have previously represented tour operators and are dedicated to solely handling holiday claims. Some law firms may state that they specialise in travel law, but lack a dedicated team with the right experience to back this up.

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Free legal advice

We can provide you with free no-obligation advice on your claim in jargon-free English, and if we represent you we can handle your case on 'no win no fee' terms, meaning that you won't have to pay us unless your case is successful. It only takes a few minutes to find out if you can claim compensation for your ruined holiday, so contact us today.

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